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Board of Advisors

Equation Collaborative is recruiting a Board of Advisors to help guide the organization as we work to expand our impact in the community. The Board of Advisors is made up of individuals who are passionate about our mission and can bring a specific perspective, expertise, or skill set to support our leadership team and Board of Directors.

Equation Collaborative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization on a mission to equalize opportunities for a healthy and dignified life. In pursuit of our mission, Equation Collaborative manages +BOX, a program launched in April 2020 that works alongside schools to distribute boxes of fresh, healthy, nutrient rich food to nutrition insecure students and their families in San Diego. Last year, +BOX distributed 19,275 boxes with 78,450 servings and over 230,000 pounds of healthy food to families who don’t have enough food to meet their basic needs.

Equation Collaborative was founded in 2020 by former technology entrepreneurs who want to bring a unique and innovative approach to addressing social imbalances, starting with access to healthy food. We’re looking for individuals who share our values and want to help build an impactful organization that is compassionate, creative in its approach, responsive to an ever-changing world, accountable, and strives to bring balance to our lives and our community.

The Board of Advisors is a volunteer board that will work closely with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to contribute advice, insight, and thought leadership as we seek to grow and expand our organization and its impact.

Equation Collaborative is currently looking for advisors who have the following experience, expertise, or perspective:

  • Produce Sourcing, Distribution & Logistics:

    • Experience in large scale food distribution to provide guidance as we evolve our operations model to better absorb program expansion.​

  • K-12 Education, Administration, or Support Services:

    • Experience in K-12 administration, preferably with experience or connection to student support services, to guide our engagement with school distribution partners.​

  • Child Health & Nutrition:

    • Expertise in child health, nutrition or wellness to advise on appropriate healthy food selection and distribution, impacts of healthy food access on children, and proper dissemination of nutrition information.

  • Food Security Program Management:

    • Experience leading and growing nonprofit food security programs at a food bank, food pantry, or other community based nonprofit organization.​

  • Government/Public Policy:

    • Experience in local or state government, preferably in the areas of healthcare, education, social services, human services, or other human-centered policy area.

  • Agriculture/Farming:

    • Experience in farming or other agriculture based business to provide guidance on engaging and supporting the local farm community.​


  • Advisors will commit to a quarterly meeting with the Executive Director and the occasional ad-hoc conversation or email to address any specific issues that may arise in the advisors area of expertise.

  • Advisors will offer honest recommendations, guidance, and insight to Equation Collaborative leadership on specific subject matters. 

  • Advisors will serve as ambassadors for Equation Collaborative to their broader community and will promote our work, as is appropriate.

  • Advisors will publicly represent Equation Collaborative and will be recognized as advisors on web, social, and other appropriate communications channels.

  • Advisors will not have governance or fiduciary responsibility.

Please contact our Executive Director, Wesley Burt, to signal your interest in joining the Board of Advisors, ask any questions, or talk in detail about the role of the Board of Advisors:

Board of Advisors: Text
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