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Equation Collaborative

Shared solutions that help equalize opportunities for a healthy and dignified life.

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Our Purpose

Equation Collaborative strengthens communities by creating and managing programs that work alongside community partners to increase capacity, access, and opportunity.

Our programs are designed to augment existing public and community support systems to maximize their impact on children, families, and communities who are chronically and disproportionately affected by social imbalances.

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+BOX fights food insecurity by working alongside school districts to augment school nutrition programs with boxes of nutrient rich foods for students and their families. +BOX is designed to increase the capacity of public and community support programs and maximize impact by meeting children and their families where they are; at school. Each +BOX includes enough food for four servings and is provided weekly by leveraging existing school meal distribution systems.

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Multiply the Impact

We are continuously listening to and learning from our community partners and supporters to understand social imbalances and find shared solutions that will help equalize opportunities for healthy and dignified lives. Stay tuned for what's next from Equation Collaborative. If you have questions, ideas, or want to learn more, then please let us know.

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